About This Website

Mojidoori means “literally” in Japanese. More specifically it means “exactly as it is written,” which speaks to the beautiful way that Japanese kanji characters lend nuance and meaning to the words they are a part of. One of the joys of learning Japanese is gaining a deep understanding of kanji that you originally thought only had a simple meaning.

Hobonichi 5 Year Techo

The five year journal produced by Shigesato Itoi‘s company Hobonichi Itoi Shinbun has daily quotes taken from interviews with Japanese artists and craftspeople as well as Itoi’s own writings. There will be a post every day of 2020 with the journal’s corresponding quote of the day and translation so that English only speakers can have access to them.


Everything on this site is for fun. I am not a professional translator or a representative of Hobonichi. My goal is to promote the study of Japanese and share insights from the Hobonichi 5 Year Techo.

Future Content

I hope to use this website to post more Japanese related content in the future. That could include more translations and discussions of topics of interest to Japanese language learners. Feel free to contact me if you have a topic you’re clamoring for more information on.