April 8

I was running late to an important meeting, so as I biked I frantically fired off the following e-mail:

Seems like I’m running late m(_ _)m

The next day I checked my outbox and saw that I had actually sent this:

Stripey running late (≦ヮ≧ )

SEEMS LIKE I’M becoming STRIPEY makes no sense, but m(_ _)m turning into (≦ヮ ≧ ) made me want to crawl into a hole and die.

-From “Verbal Goofs

「遅れてしまいそうですm(_ _)m」と。後日、送信ボックスを整理していると、
「遅れてしましましう(≦ヮ ≧ )」というメールが!!!
「m(_ _)m」➞「(≦ヮ ≧ )」 のまつがいは致命傷だっ!