December 22

So I was climbing down this deep shaft, and some rocks fall on me and break my arm, right? So I climbed the 300 meters back to the top with just the other arm. Normally that’d take four hours. One armed? 40 hours. There was this one song I sang the whole time. “The New Year Song.” The monotony of it made me feel relaxed, and it was simple enough to sing even in the absolute worst situation.

I sang “When I go to sleep…” over and over and over as I climbed up.

ところ 、40時間以上かかったな、そのとき。で、そのときずっと歌ってた歌があって。それが「お正月」。単調でのんきな感じが、最悪な状況でも

ー    さんが『  の奥。』の中で